Our mission is to empower the hearts and minds of those we serve. We are currently participating in a bid proposal process with the United States Federal Government to administer counseling to military members, their families and other federal agencies.

Should we be fortunate enough to obtain this opportunity, we would like you to join our community of counselors to provide this gratifying service.   

To indicate your interest in participating, please submit a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI demonstrates a mutual commitment to exploring a working relationship. 


Who is Jackson Counseling Services? Founded in 2013, Jackson Counseling Services employs a number of therapists to provide psychotherapy services to all individual who reside in New Jersey. We also are an independent company that offers federal agencies behavioral health solutions. 

Why does the government contract out for counseling services?  The program was created to expand access to confidential counseling, and reduce the barriers and stigma often associated with seeking counseling support within the military.

Was the letter/postcard/email I received from Jackson Counseling Services  legitimate? Yes, Jackson Counseling Services is currently in the process of bidding on U.S. government business to provide counseling services to military members and their families. Jackson Counseling Services contacted you because we want to know if you are interested in helping us serve the military population as a counselor.

What are the rates I’ll be paid if I join? Due to the competitive bidding process, that rate information has not yet been set. We anticipate the rates will be sufficiently worth your while to consider assisting military members and their families.

Would I be a contractor or an employee? Jackson Counseling Services would like to hire a number of counselors as contractors.

Would I be able to continue with my current practice? Yes. Should Jackson Counseling Services receive the contract, we will provide additional information regarding counseling assignments, contracting, and other details that help you assess the opportunity.

Where would I work/be assigned? There are assignments all over the U.S. If Jackson Counseling Services is awarded the contract, we will work with you to ensure you are placed closest to your desired location.

How long are the assignments? Assignments vary in length, and can range from a year to four years. 

What are the qualifications/requirements to be a counselor?

  1. Fluent in English
  2. Possess a Master’s degree from an accredited graduate program in a mental health-related field
  3. Licensed by an official state licensing board to practice independently
  4. Demonstrated counseling competence, and if counselor desires to work with children they must have that experience.

Do counselors interact with adults or children? Counselors work with both. However, only counselors with expertise in working with children are eligible to assist service members’ children. When completing the letter of intent (“LOI”), you can note your desire to work with children/youth as well as your prior experience.

What types of issues are prevalent among military members?The stresses of military life are complex, and counseling military members entails encountering a wide range of potential issues. Some of the stresses military personnel face are: single parenting, child care, spousal employment, fluctuating family income, frequent relocations, isolation from other extended family members, child education, and children coping with the absence of a parent, to name a few.

With what branches of the military do counselors interact? All branches (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Army Reserves, Navy Reserves, Marine Corps Reserves, Air Force Reserves, Activated Coast Guard, certain members of the DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce) We also work with all federal government agencies.

Do I have to complete the letter of intent (LOI) to be included? Yes, this is how Jackson Counseling Services creates the group of counselors from which we can hire and/or contract with.

What is the typical counselor’s experience? One of the great things about the counselor  experience is that although there are certain guidelines to which you’d have to adhere, depending on the location at which you are located, and the service members and their family members you serve, your experience could be completely unique from another counselor. The one thing that is typical amongst all counselors is the reward associated with helping our service members.

If I fill out the letter of intent (LOI) and later change my mind, what happens? Nothing, by filling out the LOI you are merely expressing an intent to continue to discuss the possibility with us. You are free to decide at any time that you are not interested in the opportunity.

Am I signing up to be a military member? No, you would still remain a private citizen. You are signing up to continue discussions with Jackson Counseling Services to provide counseling services for military members in need.

Does it matter if I am a former military member? No, this opportunity is not dependent upon prior military experience. If you are a former military member, thank you for your service. Jackson Counseling Services would greatly appreciate the personal experience you would bring, and would love for you to have the opportunity to assist service members.

Where can I sign up to be considered for a counselor position in my state? Sign Letter of Intent (LOI) below. Once completed fax it to 732-431-0648 or email it to support@jacksoncounselingservices.com


Letter of Intent (pdf)